Our wedding party

Lauren's attendants
  • Sarah Danzi, Flower Girl
    Lauren's sister will be the flower girl/maid of honor/junior bridesmaid at the wedding :)
  • Lauren Landy, Maid Of Honor
    Lauren is so happy to have her college roommate and "other half," Lauren Landy, as her lovely Maid of Honor! Lauren L. is currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado in Boulder pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a focus in researching anxiety disorders.
  • Joanna Cutrara, Bridesmaid
    Jo is Lauren's close friend from Carolina and summer roommate. Lauren and Jo have been known to frequent the farmer's market in Carrboro, a Southern Season, and other hidden gems around the Chapel Hill area.
  • Alix Bowman, Bridesmaid
    Lauren is so grateful to have stayed close with her friend Alix from high school. Alix is also a recent Psychology grad from College of Charleston.
  • Nada Mussad, Bridesmaid
    Nada is one of Lauren's first friends at Carolina. Nada and Lauren met, along with Lauren Landy, freshman year and have stayed close ever since. Lauren is so thankful that Nada got engaged first so she has been able to learn the ropes of wedding planning from Nada!
  • Terrance Burgess, Groomsman
    Terrance is Lauren's coworker from the Housing department at UNC. They shared an office and became great friends their senior year working on the Leadership Team at an on-campus housing community. Terrance will be a "Bridesman" at the wedding - a male member of the bridal party!
  • Katherine Bensel, Bridesmaid
    Katherine is a dear friend that Lauren and Ben met in Philly! She and Lauren enjoy shopping for fabric together, looking at their fabric, planning out what to make with their fabric ... and sometimes actually making it. Katherine has helped a ton with the decorations for the wedding!
  • Katie Turek, Bridesmaid
    Katie and Lauren met in Philadelphia while Katie was completing her Masters at Penn (I feel so old typing that!). She and Lauren bonded over being vegetarians, and of course, fabulous dancers.
Benjamin's attendants
  • Scott Brumley, Best Man
    In fine southern tradition, the father of the groom will serve as best man for the wedding. Dad seems to have vetted this role, serving as best man in Trey's wedding a few years earlier.
  • Trey Brumley, Groomsman
    Trey is Ben's older brother. Trey and Ben remained close through college - both attending UNC-CH, though Trey claims he had a "real major" so their colleges experiences were different. Trey is a very successful computer programmer for Microsoft (the bad guys) in Seattle, WA.
  • Andrew Ginn, Groomsman
    The ever famous Andrew Ginn has been Ben's best friend since 3rd grade. Not only did Ben and Andrew attend the same schools Elementary - College at UNC, they were fraternity brothers in Delta Upsilon and roomed together in the same apartment all four years of college. Similar to Ben J., Andrew does "business stuff" at his job in Charlotte, NC.
  • Mark Linehan, Groomsman
    Mark Linehan has been Ben's friend since high school even though he eventually attended that 'other school' in Raleigh. Mark has an affinity for music and DJs prime-time slots for NC State's student radio. Mark is currently majoring in Economics.
  • Ben Justus, Groomsman
    The 'other ben" has been friends with the Groom since 3rd grade. They've gone to Elementary, Middle and High School together before Ben ended up at Davidson College. Ben J. works in Charlotte, NC doing "business stuff".
  • Allison Mugno, Bridesmaid
    Allison is Ben's long time friend and work colleague at UNC-CH. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Forensic Psychology at Florida International University. She has the recognition of being the first Groomsmaid in a Brumley wedding!
  • Adam Bergevin, Groomsman
    Adam is currently a co-worker and classmate of Ben in Philly. He has worked in youth counseling settings and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling at UPenn.
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